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This Autumn, the Musée Jacquemart-André in Paris is presenting a major exhibition of works from the Alana colletion, one of the most prestigious private colletions of Renaissance art today. Formed over several decades by the Chillian-born collector couple Alvaro Saieh and Ana Guzmán (hence Alana, a combination of their first names), the collection is based in the United States and hitherto unseen by the general public. Curated by Carlo Falciani, Carl Brandon Strehlke and Pierre Curie, over seventy-five works by Italian masters of the 14th - 17th century will go on view, including paintings by Lorenzo Monaco, Fra Angelico, Paolo Uccello, Giovanni Bellini, Vittore Carpaccio, Agnolo Bronzino and Orazio Gentileschi. 

Lorenzo Monaco
Florence ca. 1370 - 1425
Annunciation, ca. 1420 - 1424
Tempera and oil on panel 
136 x 98 cm. 
Alana Collection

Filippino Lippi 
1457​ Prato - Florence 1504
St. Ubald and St. Frediano, 1496
Tempera on panel
32.8 x 45.6 cm. 
Alana Collection

Nardo di Cione
Florence act. ca. 1340 - 1365/66
Annunciation, ca. 1350-1355
Tempera and oil on panel 
35 x 23 cm. 
Alana Collection 

Orazio Gentileschi
Pisa 1563 - 1639 London
Madonna and Child, ca. 1610-12
oil on panel 
91.4 x 73 cm. 
Alana Collection